The AOA and Markit Medical Are Teaming Up

Are you a primary care physician working in a small/medium group in Chicago?

The AOA, in collaboration with Markit Medical, is offering member physicians in the Chicagoland area an exclusive opportunity to pilot Markit.

About Markit

A Better Way to Find Healthcare.

Markit Medical believes that finding quality healthcare should be easy. And, most importantly, it shouldn't break the bank. We partner with health plans and providers to help patients navigate their complicated healthcare benefits. We embed in to the physician office workflow, saving staff time in submitting prior authorization requests and scheduling referrals. Plus, we work with all forms of insurance, so patients never have to guess.

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Why Use Markit?


Save time on administrative tasks that slow down your clinic

Spend 3 minutes entering patient information into Markit, save 45 minutes in processing prior authorizations, scheduling referrals, and answering patient insurance questions.


Help patients reduce their out-of-pocket costs; improve satisfaction

Patients who find care with Markit on average save 43% on their out-of-pocket costsWe research the patient's insurance benefits, so there is never any guess work in understanding cost.


How It Works

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1. The referring clinician notifies Markit that a need has been identified

The referring physician or a member of his/her staff completes the Markit Medical intake form via our secure portal. From here, the clinic's job is done! We'll handle the rest. 

EMR integration coming soon. To learn more, email us at


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2. Markit verifies the patient's insurance benefits and prepares a list of in-network options

Based on the patient's insurance, we identify in-network providers capable of performing the service. Next, we share a list of options with the patient via a secure link. Patients see a list of options close to home or work, the amount they should expect to pay out-of-pocket, and metrics around quality.


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3. After a choice is made, Markit processes the prior authorization and schedules the appointment

We work with the patient's insurer to submit any necessary documentation in advance of the appointment.  Next, we schedule the appointment at the patient's convenience. 


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4. Following the service, Markit ensures that results are shared with the referring provider, closing the care coordination loop

On the Markit platform, a referring provider can stay up-to-date on a patient's progress. Lastly, we survey quality and satisfaction for both the patient and the referring provider. 


Hear what physicians have to say about Markit...

Markit helps my patients get the tests they need in a cost-effective manner. In addition, I haven’t had to hire an additional employee to manage prior authorizations and scheduling for my patients. I’ve been incredibly satisfied and my patients are too.
— Dr. Rahul Khare

Innovative Express Care  |  Chicago, IL 


Hear what office administrators have to say about Markit...

Markit Medical is always professional and courteous both with the office staff and our patients. They have assisted us tremendously!
— Primary Care Office Manager, Chicago, IL

Hear What Patients Have To Say...

"Great experience throughout. They went the extra mile to make sure we had all the info we needed."
"Super satisfied. It was targeted to work with me primarily!"

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