Physician Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you currently located? 

We currently work with clinics in the Chicagoland area. If you are interested in learning when Markit Medical will be coming to your market, email us at

How do I know the referral has gone through successfully to Markit Medical?

You will be sent to a completion page and the patient will receive an email from our customer service team.

What if I get an error message? 

To prevent delaying the patient, please fax us the order to (888) 965-0799. Send us an email at and/or call (800) 580-9220 to report the issue.

What if the system doesn’t recognize the patient’s insurance?

You can type in the patient's insurance if you don’t see it in the dropdown menu. If you are still facing issues, please indicate the issue in the notes section.

How long will the patient be waiting for the pricing results? 

The patient will receive an email immediately after you enter the request. We will reach out to the patient with an update on the status within 24 hours of the initial referral.  

How does your product protect my patients’ privacy?

We are bound by your clinic's HIPAA and privacy policies. Plus, all communication of sensitive information occurs through our secure portal. Your practice will be issued a login to enter patient information, and each patient must verify his/her identity before receiving information on the Markit platform.

How do I know you’re sending my patients to a high-quality imaging center?

We value transparency in not only cost, but also quality. Part of the onboarding process is asking you as the physician which locations you prefer. That information, coupled with national quality standards (e.g., ACR Accreditation), will be shown when a patient views his/her in-network options.

What if a patient has more than one insurance coverage?

Enter the order with the primary insurance coverage, and indicate the secondary insurance information in the notes section.