Why Markit?

Markit Medical helps patients and referring providers identify affordable, convenient options for healthcare. We work with all forms of insurance, so patients never have to guess. 


Healthcare is expensive, and patients are paying more out-of-pocket. Finding affordable healthcare should be easy.

Different doctors in the same insurance network can vary dramatically in price. For example, the total cost of a CT scan in Chicago can vary by over $3,000.

We work with your doctor to show you all of your available options.

Markit saves you time and money, helping you find in-network, affordable options for your referral.


Running a physician office is harder than ever. Let us take something off your plate.

We understand that seeing patients is your priority. Markit exists to give you more time in your day. 

When you use Markit, we handle the prior authorization and scheduling of referrals, saving your staff 45 minutes on each order.

Plus, we make sure it doesn’t break the bank for your patient. Trust us, they’ll thank you.

Health Plans.

Provider networks are growing in complexity.

Most payers have deployed online price transparency tools to help members find care. The problem: they don't use them.

Markit proactively engages members at the point-of-care. We don't wait for them to find us online.

85% of members who use Markit choose a cost-effective option for their referred care. On average, we reduce the cost of that care by 60%.